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Bellatrix Investment Managers (Pty) Ltd is a Namibian registered and NAMFISA licensed unlisted investment management company. We aim to offer high yielding alternative investment funds to our clients. Our funds invest in various asset classes including debt and equity.

We have a special focus in financing, investing and supporting early-stage businesses in Southern Africa. These consist of SMEs and startups.

We support SMEs because we recognise that they are the backbone of any economy, they create a livelihood for the owners of the business and help to create much needed employment.

Statups play an important role in a dynamic economy, perhaps none more important than innovation, where new products and services are introduced to customers. Ideally, innovative entrepreneurship can improve peoples’ quality of life, but it can also serve other important functions such as testing if customers are willing to pay for a new product or service (price discovery) or to disrupt an inefficient business model.

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