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Thank you for trusting us with an additional investment.

Kindly make payment into the Bellatrix Debt Fund bank account below:

Bellatrix Debt Fund Bank Details:
Financial Institution: Standard Bank Namibia
Branch Addr
ess: Gustav Voigts Centre
Account Name: Bellatrix Investment Managers NO 2
Account Number: 60005821346

Branch Code: 082772
Reference: <Insert client name>

Electronic/Internet transfers may take up to two days to appear in the Bellatrix Investment Managers bank account.

Please email proof of payment to the following email address:

By completing the additional investment form, the investor hereby accepts the following:

a) All information provided in this form and all other documents provided by the investor in connection with this application is correct.

b) The investor is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of all answers, statements or other information provided by them or on their behalf.

c) Bellatrix Investment Managers may accept instructions in the prescribed format by email or via other electronic means from the investor.

d) Acknowledges having read and understood the Bellatrix Investment Managers investment management agreement for the Bellatrix Debt Fund.

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